Less is more

I’m working with him. Loving him. Nurturing him. Feeding him. Teaching him. Softening him. Making him hard in the right places. Emotionally soothing him. Humming him to sleep. Praying for him. Holding him. Reminding him. Falling for him. Understanding him. Learning him. Hearing him. Validating him. Trusting him. Honoring him. Becoming for him. I’m not afraid anymore. 
He can see it. 
He can feel it. 

What’s fear really anyways? 
Just a mental limitation from a world full of possibilities. 

Do you love the man or the idea more? 

Who he is, is making me who I am. 
A fear-less type of woman. 
And I am thankful for the strength he has given. 
To us. 
To me. 
For us. 
For me. 

I love when my prayers are answered and I take the time to understand and see. 

Clarity is a beautiful thing. 

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