Did you sing this morning? 

I woke up feeling light. Airy almost. There was a feeling of freedom. Like suddenly I can walk away, break the chain. It was a feeling of peace, almost. Like there was a song in my soul and if I had opened my mouth this morning, I would have sang like the birds from Cinderella. Have you ever woke up like this? Like a battle was won last night? You felt victorious rising this morning. Nothing can touch you today. There was a moment last night that I felt a calming come over me. It blanketed me. Covered me. Held me and wrapped me up, and I was ok. A gentle hand of reassurance that things will be ok. The tenderness in the hand, I felt the sincerity. Energy was passed last night and for the first time in almost two weeks I was able to sleep. My mother thinks I quit fighting. For my happiness. For my peace. She’s worried that my spirit is under attack. Sunday night when I came home I opened my bible and the verse that I began reading “the enemies have pursued my soul” my hands began to rise and it was as if something was pulling me. I wanted to stop reading it… But I couldn’t. Things have been felt, have been a little off. I’ve been weakened and I’ve been tormented. At night you can hear it. The noises. You have to be able to understand that there are things that are beyond us redirecting what the Most High has placed for us. Beyond us are energies. Strong currents of power. And at times the spirit will be tested. Yes I am under attack at this moment, but have I stopped fighting? 
I’m still here.
Still able to write about it. 
Just make sure your faith is strong. 
I mean, strong. 
There are some battles you just can’t lose. 
And when you feel you can’t fight alone, or you need help… Beyond us are energies. Strong currents of power. 
Just open your mouth and begin to ask for help. 
We’re never brought this far to be left alone. I hope this reaches somebody this beautiful morning. Have a wonderful day. 

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