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The Muse.

Artist: unknown Model: Instagram @kaylablackmon @illbrill There were things that needed to be done today. Right lower side of my head began throbbing at my never ending to do list this morning. Stress headaches have been a thing for me lately. A little overwhelmed with all that is going on currently with work, school and… Read More The Muse.


Museum of Sex

Again, videos or pictures won't do it justice. You need to go visit. It's inviting your sexuality to be explored. Go in, get aroused and speak freely into your partners' ear about the naughty things you want to do when you get home. I encourage it! If you enjoyed, please share:


Museum of Sex

You start off on the second floor, the 1st floor is a sex dungeon with the kinkiest outfits ever. They are for sale. Dominatrix type of kinky 😍. The second floor is supposed to be reminiscent of Studio54. Disco balls. Bars. Sex couches and lines of coke. Fun fun! If you enjoyed, please share: