I think more than i should and that’s what’s stopping me…

I’ve been writing and then I’ve been stopping. Stop and go, stop and go. Stopping because I start to question what I’m writing instead of just feeling the words. So I’ve gotten scared to share and just been keeping it to myself. I’ve been writing to reach someone, anyone but I don’t feel that I… Read More I think more than i should and that’s what’s stopping me…

letters to my lovers

The Muse.

Artist: unknown Model: Instagram @kaylablackmon @illbrill There were things that needed to be done today. Right lower side of my head began throbbing at my never ending to do list this morning. Stress headaches have been a thing for me lately. A little overwhelmed with all that is going on currently with work, school and… Read More The Muse.



Written: December 12,2015  I would rather stay home and write for the rest of this day. I have so much to say. Mixture of hurt&still feeling ready for more of life. I had sex like a week ago and it was so good. Surprisingly good. I don’t remember the last time I felt the strong… Read More Home. 


You have to learn to be softer. With yourself and with your art. Don’t be so critical. Don’t be so tough. Feel what’s needed and write. Just write. Practice. Practice. Practice. I think the more you think about how you’re not as creative as her or him or them, you put yourself in a vulnerable… Read More