Spring flowers. 

It was everything last night to pretend I was there. In the moment. Enjoying it as much as him. It was everything last night. The scent of strawberries still lingered on my lips. Red wine is truly foreplay at this point. Sipping slowly and rubbing coconut oil into my skin. I am glowing in the candlelit room. My skin irresistibly tempting. Depending on the color of lingerie I decide, dictates the level I want to progress to. Black has always been a favorite, although red brings in the power trip. I took it easy in black last night. Dropped my robe and asked him to kindly look at me. Just look me. Tell me what you want me to do. Admire me in this lighting. I mean the scenery is amazing from the third floor already. Pink clouds in the background. My body in front of you. I just want to be your favorite piece of art. He’s shy, I know but sooner or later I am going to erupt and rip him to shreds and I don’t want to be shamed for being so sexual. So, I slow down the hunger and focus on his lips. Redirect the attention to him and remain at arms length. We move. We move at a steady pace until I can not suppress the appetite anymore and I begin to quicken the pace and beg for him. My pleas go unanswered. He’s so rude. He’s feeding me as much as he can but still it is not enough. So I close my eyes and pretend. I pretend my fantasies are my current reality and I can remember how you feel. How demanding the strength is to hold onto me. I am lost between two worlds but I so desperately want you to be here. I regain stability and just as I come back to life, my body tenses up. I am ready to give my everything to this man and just as I am about to flood…. he stops. He has arrived fully and I, once again am still a flower waiting to bloom in the middle of a warm spring afternoon.

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